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R..Rajkumar Film Review

The question is how was the R.. Rajkumar ?. I don't know why most of the critics did not like this movie because audience loved it and according to people this movie is very good and most entertaining till the end every one liked Shahid kapoor in this rough and tuff role. Very first time you see Shahid kapoor delivers this kind of dialogues like as we all know PYAAR PYAR PYAAR aur MAAR MAAR MAAR.  He is like new generation Romeo.  And the other hand Sonakshi Sinha was good  you guyzz believe me or not sonakshi sinha is a good dancer all in all she did good job with her character. Role of Sonu sood is created like only for him a rude Thakur  beheading innocent goan – walas.

R.. Rajkumar which is actually Rambo Rajkumar the real name was not unwrapped because of copyright issue.
Rating from my side – 3 Star out of 5.

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