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Jism 2

As the ‘Jism 2’ story unfolds on screen, a topless Sunny Leone introduces herself as Izna in the packed movie hall - the audience start hooting for the woman who has made almost all men across the nation go weak on their knees. Forget men, even women can’t help but admire her raw sex appeal. 

Pooja Bhatt’s much hyped erotic thriller makes a mockery of the genre. ‘Jism 2’ starts with Izna, a porn star, narrating her (love) story with a pinch of guilt while she is on her deathbed. Izna earns her daily living by sleeping with men at random hotels. Enter Ayaan (played by Arunoday Singh) who sleeps with her one night and the following morning introduces himself as an officer of some secret Indian intelligence agency. Ayaan’s mission is to convince Izna to do ‘desh ki madad’ by approaching her ex-lover Kabir (played by Randeep Hooda) who is now an assassin wiping out prominent figures from the political and security arena. So, Izna packs her bags with Ayaan and flies down all the way to Sri Lanka with the aim to extract Kabir’s secret data that helps him in helming all his criminal activities.

So here we have a typical Bollywood cliché - a complex love triangle where a woman is trapped between her long lost emotions for her ex-lover Kabir and Ayaan’s growing fondness for her which she too, at times, reciprocates. But our ‘patriot’ porn star Izna must kill her emotions for Kabir to save the nation.

The story maybe a bit obscure but the screenplay is quite well-written though it is hard to compare the movie with ‘Arth’ as the film’s director Pooja Bhatt claims it to be. Also, keeping aside the few aesthetically shot sex scenes in the film and Leone’s cleavage show, it is unfair to bracket it as an erotic or a sleazy film.

Both, Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda fit well into their respective characters but the trophy goes to Randeep for portraying such an intense role with élan. As Kabir, Hooda does things passionately- be it making love, killing or even reciting Urdu poetry. 

 Moving on to the new heartthrob of millions in India- Sunny Leone is not that bad either. Despite her dubbed dialogues, it shows that she has put an effort in her debut Hindi film. The girl looks fresh, beautiful and convincing onscreen.

But the film falls short to create that much needed impact. It is hard to decipher why Arunoday Singh has to first sleep with Sunny Leone before introducing himself. Was it because even he could not resist the ‘golden’ chance of making love to her? Second, Sunny Leone claims herself to be a porn star in the film, but there is hardly any scene that shows her getting filmed while doing the act. Funnily, she is shown sleeping around men to earn her bread and butter. Can someone please tell Ms Bhatt that a porn star need not be a prostitute?

Like most of Bhatt camp’s films, this one too has soulful music which strikes the right chord in one’s heart. The songs are just apt for every situation and it is difficult to pick a single song as your favourite.

Final Verdict: ‘Jism 2’ is worth watching once- for the bikini clad Sunny Leone of course!


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